Managing Director

At SCAD, we believe in translating process into progress. The strength of the institution comes from our scholastic & non scholastic activities, strong industry links and our environment.

Our Institution believes in promoting latest technology that enables students think creatively that reaches global grounds. Key focuses for our activities are quality and brilliance, with an emphasis on the formation of holistic development.

Our Institution emphasizes on developing the ability to thrive in leadership by encouraging the exposure towards the global opportunities, hands-on job experience and implementing proof of concepts. The cultural diversity is respected and the international students always feel at home in the kindness of SCAD.

The management encourages students to represent the institution at national and international competitions. Playing a sport tells future employers looking to hire a graduate that you're proactive, a team player and passionate about something other than work or education. This facilitates the students to communicate efficiently which is an essential aspect of approaching the opportunities on their way.

Mr. C.Arun Babu

Managing Director

SCAD Group