Social Change and Development (SCAD)

We help villagers answer their own needs

Social Change and Development (SCAD) is a non-profit non-governmental organisation in Tamil Nadu, India. We are dedicated to empowering the marginalised communities of the region. Since starting in 1985, we have helped around 600 villages with a population of around 600,000 with our community empowerment approach.

Our overwhelming achievement is our women’s empowerment programme

We’ve helped to establish more than 3,500 women’s self-help groups with a membership of 60,000. Democratically run, these groups run micro-finance schemes – so far saving nearly Rs.35Cr. to fund a combination of personal, educational or work-related schemes. The benefits are far reaching, affecting everything from the management of land to the health and welfare of men, women and children in the community.

We believe education is essential to progress

From pre-school to college, our teachers and volunteers assist everyone, whether they are academic students or those looking for practical skills training to gain work. Equality and empowerment come from education.

We operate in Tamil Nadu where half the population survives on around Rs.100 ($2) a day

Life is hard for 35 million people in this part of India. The climate is harsh and those living in remote rural villages suffer the consequences of drought, poor soil and a lack of basic resources.