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We have a robust placement and training program in the campus. A dedicated Placement Team, headed by a well qualified placement director functions round the year to ensure that students are placed in reputed companies across the country. Continuous placement training is offered to equip the students on communication, soft skills, confidence building, interview skills and tests of reasoning, by experts in the respective fields. Career development programs are regularly conducted through accomplished resource persons across a wide spectrum of industries.



The placement is an important element of course structure, it comprises 25% of the total course duration. The placement team is providing Placement Training Program(PTP) intended to provide students with the opportunity to

  • Experience the environment of a real workplace and how needs are identified and resources are acquired, allocated and used for the purpose of achieving organizational objectives.
  • Organize them so that they can receive, quickly understand and carry out instructions to the satisfaction of their employer as a means of developing towards the completion of more responsible work.
  • Develop the interpersonal skills required to enable them to work efficiently as a member of a team trying to achieve organizational goals.
  • Acquire and develop technical skills associated with the nature of their work.
  • Identify, analyze and discuss with experienced practitioners how theoretical concepts are adapted and applied to suit practical requirements.
  • Apply knowledge that will help the students to plan and evaluate their future study and career development.



  • Multi - Cultural Campus
  • Excellent infrastructure & Facilities
  • Congenial learning atmosphere
  • Finest faculty with industrial experience
  • Remarkable placement record
  • Enhancement of Spoken English skills through the Academy of English
  • "Campus-connect" college selected by Infosys, Bangalore.
  • State of the art lab and project Incubation Centres.
  • Quality and Holistic association with EMC2 (Cloud Computing & Big Data, CISCO,Oracle, Autodesk etc.,



  • To provide professionally competent faculty and staff.
  • To demonstrate excellent and effective teaching. To provide student-oriented faculty and staff.
  • To provide competent graduates.
  • To create an environment conducive to academic excellences and growth for all students.
  • To provide and maintain safe, healthy physical facilities.
  • To provide an active student development program to foster student participation in Institute actions.
  • To develop programs to attract regional, state, and national recognition.
  • To provide guidance services to assist each student in making an appropriate vocational choice.
  • To provide education and training which allow graduates to advance rapidly in their chosen fields.
  • To instill in students the desires to learn which will guide their growth in their professions.


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